Prof. Iñaki Esnaola (University of Sheffield, UK) is visiting our group.


Prof. Iñaki Esnaola, University of Sheffield, UK,  is visiting our group. His visit starts Monday November 23 and ends November 25. He will be one of the speakers in our INRIA – GDR-ISIS on November 24. He will be delivering the following talk

The Impact of Prior Knowledge in Data Injection Attacks

Inaki Esnaola (University of Sheffield, UK)

The smart grid paradigm is founded on the integration of existing power grids with advanced sensing and communication infrastructures. While the benefits provided by this setting are crucial for the future development of power grids, it also increases the dependency on data acquisition and system monitoring procedures. Central to the control and optimization of power systems is the state estimation problem in electricity grids. One of the main contingencies faced by state estimation procedures is intentionally corrupted data by a malicious attacker. In this talk data injection attacks are studied in a game theoretic setting. First, it is assumed that the network operator acquires the state variables via generalized least squares estimation and different attack performance metrics are proposed. The scenarios defined by the performance metrics are then analyzed. In the second part of the talk, attack constructions are studied assuming minimum-mean-square-error state estimation in centralized and decentralized scenarios. In both scenarios closed form expressions for best response functions and Nash equilibria are given. The analytical results are evaluated in practical state estimation settings by numerically evaluating the performance of different attack strategies in IEEE test systems.

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