New Tutorial: Simultaneous Energy and Information Transmission (European Wireless 2016)


Selma Belhadj Amor Laboratoire CITI (Université de Lyon, INRIA, INSA de Lyon), Lyon, France
Samir M. Perlaza Laboratoire CITI (Université de Lyon, INRIA, INSA de Lyon), Lyon, France
Ioannis Krikidis University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.

This tutorial aims to familiarize the attendees with the new communication paradigm of simultaneous energy and information transmission (SEIT) in wireless networks. The tutorial is divided into four parts. In the first part, the relevance of SEIT is highlighted as a powerful technique to ensure a more efficient energy utilization in future “green” communication systems, e.g, 5G networks, small cells, Wi-Fi networks, sensor networks and ad hoc networks. In the second part, particular attention is paid to existing signal processing and communication techniques for implementing SEIT in wireless networks. In the third part, strong emphasis is put on the fundamental limits of SEIT using basic notions from information theory. Point-to-point and multi-user scenarios are studied and the key aspects of the energy-information trade-off are studied in both centralized networks, e.g, cellular networks and decentralized networks, e.g., sensor networks and ad hoc networks. In the latter, basic notions of game theory are studied to model the stable operating points of these networks. In the final part, practical aspects are tackled putting an emphasis on the main future challenges of SEIT in the context of 5G. For instance, front-end architectures allowing both energy harvesting and information decoding are studied. At the same time, aspects regarding in-band and out-band energy transmission as well as co-located and non-colocated receivers and energy harvesters are discussed.

Duration: 3 hours and 30 min.


  • Part I: Introduction
  • Part II: Point-to-Point SEIT
    • — Communication Techniques for SEIT
    • — Fundamental limits and information-energy trade-off
  • Part III: Multi-User SEIT
    • — SEIT induces cooperation among transmitters
    • — SEIT in cellular networks
    • — SEIT in ad hoc networks
    • — Output feedback enhances SEIT
  • Part IV: Future Technical Challenges
    • — Practical energy harvesting models
    • — RF energy harvesting architectures
    • — Impact of channel state information

Important Dates

  • Tutorial date/time: May 20, 2016, 9:00

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