SOCRATE Seminar – November 16 at 10h by Selma Belhadj Amor – Simultaneous energy and information transmission in Gaussian multiple access channels

SOCRATE Seminar – November 16 at 10h by Selma Belhadj Amor

Title: Simultaneous energy and information transmission in Gaussian multiple access channels

Abstract: In this talk, the fundamental limits of simultaneous information and energy transmission in the two-user Gaussian multiple access channel with and without feedback are fully characterized. All the achievable information and energy transmission rates (in bits per channel use and Joules per channel use respectively) are identified. Thus, the capacity-energy region is defined in both cases.

This work was recently presented at  the 5th International Conference on Communications and Networking (ComNet), Hammamet, Tunisia, Nov., 2015.

Date and time: November 16 at 10h

Room: TD-C.


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